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Walmart Auto Care Centers

    10900 E Briarwood Ave, Centennial, CO, 80112, United States
    Open · Closes at 5 PM
    8 AM - 5 PM
    8 AM - 5 PM
    8 AM - 5 PM
    8 AM - 5 PM
    8 AM - 5 PM
    8 AM - 5 PM
    8 AM - 5 PM


    122 reviews


    "Good place for very basic auto service."

    "Thx Jose-service manager for great team"

    "I spent over an hour and a half waiting for them to put new tires on my car."

    Becky Hurst · more than 10 months ago

    Do not take your vehicle here. I repeat. Do not use this Center for your services (or lack thereof)!!! I went to get a tire patched that I had bought at Walmart a couple months ago, I was going to leave the tire and return to get it because one of the three workers said he was going to lunch but not before. He told me to go ahead and bring in the tire for him. Mind you, I am 130 lb and this tire is for a Astro van. I'm like no you can get the tire and I confirmed you're going to call me as soon as it's ready, correct? We are going out of town tomorrow morning and cannot drive on a spare. Elliott confirmed with me. I would be getting a phone call when the tire is done. 6:00 rolls around. They close at 7:00. According to their signs and website I go into the tire center. They are closed and have been since 5:30 according to another employee at Walmart. Not only do I not have a tire, I have no idea where Elliot is the person that took my tire and I'm not going anywhere without the tire let alone on my road trip that was planned and I am still here in Denver..... I go there again this morning 7:00 when they open supposedly, their excuse? Or explanation? They are short staffed. That's why they left early. Ask me why they are taking people's tires when they don't have people to fix them. I have no idea.

    amanda anderson · almost 8 months ago

    Don’t take your car here. I came in on a friday for an oil change, he said they were booked until Monday so we scheduled it for Monday at 4pm. To schedule it the guy behind the counter pulls out a lined notebook that looked like it had been ran over and left out in the rain.. he flips open to a page and has me hand write my information on their “homemade” scheduling system… underneath hundreds of other peoples information and appointments.. that should’ve been my first clue. Monday rolls around and I am waiting in their lobby for literally 20 minutes, two people were ahead of me and we didn’t see a single worker the whole time. Finally when someone came out, I told him I had an appointment and he just looks at me and says “sorry we’re actually closing up for today” I literally just walked out the door and booked with a different shop because if this is how they operate I don’t want them touching my car..

    Jessy Hurst · more than 10 months ago

    Every single one of these guys is lazy, unprofessional, and lacking in people skills is staring it lightly. Dropped my tire off for a patch and was told, "Well I'm going to lunch but I'll do it after and call you when it's done" I am supposed to be driving to Nebraska and they never called. I showed up at 5:45pm and it was ghost town even tho their posted hours are until 7pm. I show up at 7am when they open and they roll my tire out to me like I'm supposed to install it myself. I had to ask them if they could install it they said they didn't have time! I will be going to Discount Tire from now on, I called them 30 min before they even open at 8am and Reese was on top of it saying Yes! I GOT YOU! AVOID WALMART TIRE CENTER AT ALL COSTS!

    Brent Newland · 11 months ago

    I've been here twice. Once for a tire replacement at 3pm, couldn't help me. Second time for an oil change, 2 other people who came in after me got help first, then they finally told me they couldn't get me in for an oil change 2.5 hours before they closed with absolutely no vehicles outside waiting for service.

    escosnkz · 1 year ago

    I am so happy with the services I received. Bought some Goodyear tire and huge bonus they we a little marked down with free install and balance for Black Friday! Huge difference from the experience I received at the store 9400 E Hampden. (Don’t ever visit that location.) I had to drive quite a bit further but it was worth it. Bill was awesome and listened to what I wanted to accomplish. He said it would be a couple hours which I expected because it was super busy and mission accomplished. Thank you guys so much for helping me get my much needed tires.

    Christopher DeThomas · 9 months ago

    Jonathon took great care of my vehicle! Excellent service and a quick oil change.

    John S · 7 months ago

    Say their short staffed. 2 guys sitting in side not working on cars, no one at counter. Can only make appointment in store.

    Mark Brunette · more than 1 year ago

    I went here for an oil change. The next day, my oil light was on. I come back and am told 'no big deal probably just a leak have a good day' Well, my engine is now shot. Can't drive it period. Been calling them ever since. Sometimes after 1 minute of the phone ringing, I'll get a dial tone telling me they hung up. Others, it will just ring. One thing holds true: they will not answer, even if you call 100+ times over a week. I lost my 2 Jobs now. Absolutely irate. This place just destroyed my livelihood

    Aleksey P · 1 year ago

    I wanted to replace tires on my vehicle, front desk guy said you have to go to technician and ask him if he can take you car! Technician said He can’t take my car with out appointment, which is crazy because shop was empty)) Nobody helped me to schedule appointment, they just closed the door and that’s it. Horrible customer service!I went to Discount Tire where they did everything.

    Der J · 1 year ago

    I went to claim my "Manufacturer's Treadwear Limited Warranty" for Michelin Defender tires which I bough couple of years back. The manager does not even know what is "Manufacturer's Treadwear Limited Warranty" on tires and he never heard about this kind of warranty. I have tried to explain him twice but he is getting confused with "Road hazard warranty". They don't have basic knowledge. Waste of time.



    Wheelchair-accessible car park
    Wheelchair-accessible entrance
    Wheelchair-accessible seating
    Wheelchair-accessible toilet
    Assistive hearing loop


    Oil change




    Cash only
    Credit cards
    Debit cards
    NFC mobile payments
    Credit cards


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