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43 reviews


"Leave your feelings at home and bring customer service and energy."

"You are safer using payday loans than these people."

"By the way the check was FINE payroll confirmed it !!"

Syala Mommandi · more than 3 years ago

Customer service at this branch is incredibly disappointing. I had a little incident today where I dropped a ton of coins as I was depositing it into the coin machine. Nobody offered to assist me or even offer me a broom. I had to pick up all of them by hand from the dirty/nasty floor. Not acceptable at all when I have been to this branch many times before in the past and my family has been banking with them for years. Thank you for making me realize that you guys are not worth my business anymore!

Owner's response · more than 3 years ago

Hello. Thanks for your feedback as it helps us improve. I will forward your important feedback to the appropriate parties internally. To further assist, please send us a secure message of your request, and I am happy to follow up and assist. Thank you for choosing to bank with TCF.

Charles Jordan · almost 6 years ago

I should have read the reviews before going to this location. The clerk doesn't even ask me if I wanted to see my balance before depositing my money. Turns out my account had fraudulent charges. She did not care as she looked at me as if it was personal. Leave your feelings at home and bring customer service and energy. Leaders make great employees. This location needs to find a leader if there going employee anyone who is not a criminal. How could you not ensure individual process your a bank not a fast food restaurant.

Owner's response · almost 6 years ago

We appreciate your feedback Charles, and want to turn your experience into a positive one. We will be sure to share your experience with the appropriate parties, and are here to help if you have other questions or concerns. You may contact us on our Facebook or Twitter page, or call us at 800-823-2265. Thank you.

Desiree Carr · 5 years ago

Zak, the branch supervisor, took time to listen to a problem that happened with my daughters fairly new teen account and her work deposits. He handled it professionally. When I came to the bank to pick up a letter he and the manager wrote for my daughter's work, they also refunded her the $20 check fee. Amazing team work. Thank you TCF!

Owner's response · 5 years ago

Thank you for your feedback, Desiree! We are happy to hear that Zac and the team had been such great help! We hope to see you back soon.

bill ashour · more than 5 years ago

Lost my check card twice. Both times I was able to get a new card within ten or fifteen minutes tops. I would ignore the negative posts. The customer services is excellent and I really love the architecture of the interior building. Nice TCF Bank. As long as you know how to balance your checking and saving TCF in general is really convenient. Been with TCF for about 20 years! Thanks for the great service.

Owner's response · more than 5 years ago

Thank you for your loyalty to TCF, Bill. We are happy to hear that you are enjoying your visit to your local branch. We appreciate having the opportunity to serve you. Visit us again soon!

Marquis Yancy · 6 years ago

This branch has the worst customer service of any Bank I've ever been to. The lady with the blonde hair who calls herself a supervisor has terrible customer service and an attitude. They will tell you that they can't do things simply because they're too lazy and don't want to do their job. My wife works for TCF Bank for 2 years and knows their policies and what they can and cannot do. I don't recommend going to this branch and the lady with the blonde hair should definitely be written up. I will not be coming back to this branch

Owner's response · 6 years ago

Hi Marquis, we're sorry to hear that. We want to discuss your specific situation with you to learn more and see if we can help. Please consider reaching out to us. 800-823-2265 - -

JoSeR R · 5 years ago

Find a reputable bank to do business elsewhere. I went in on Friday January 18th and deposited a live check of $1,961.96 with $460 cash back. I was told that funds would be available the next day (Saturday) in my checking account. Over the weekend I use my TCF card to make some purchases for my family and personal use and incurred six -$37 overdraft fees. I called online banking and was told they can only help me with credit of $56 in overdraft fees. What a joke TCF. I am down -$166 in overdraft fees, and account still showing $1,506.70 in deposit.

Owner's response · 5 years ago

Hello. When depositing a checking into your checking account, it can take up to two business days. Seeing the deposit was done on a Friday, the next business day would have been a Monday. Please know that Monday January 21, 2018 was a federal holiday. If you would like to review your overdraft fees we are more than happy to! Please send us a private message on out Facebook or Twitter pages, or by calling us at 800-823-2265. Thank you.

kraig · almost 11 years ago

CONSUMER BEWARE OF SCAMS AND LIES. Tcf denied and kicked back my first direct deposit paycheck 2x. My company overnight my paycheck to me I deposited it then they tell me it will be 2 days before I have access to it. Then they tell me the weekend counts as 1 day. Then they tell me they are holding it for 10 more days because they suspect it is a counterfeit check. Because of tcf I have not had a paycheck in 4 weeks. They keep telling me call the 1-800 number and the 1-800 number keeps telling me talk to the branches. If you make purchases they show up on the online banking then a couple days later they aren't there making it seem like you got more money than you do so if you spend it not tracking your expences a few days later they take the money out again and hit you with a $37 fee. Trap much? While having my paycheck trouble and I ask them why, they sit there starring at the screen, which has the same info as online banking, and they say I don't know. They have no one to call and if their manager is gone they are lost trying to help. They are a fish in a shark tank bank and I hope people realize this and never bank with them.

Jennifer Fox · almost 12 years ago

I wish I could give this bank less than 0! This is a horrible bank. Checks deposited will stay on hold for absurd amounts of time. To put money into another account outside of this bank costs you $30 dollars. Plus you have to be in the bank, and it has to be before 3:00 pm or the money won't transfer until the next day.Anything deposited after 3:00 pm is not available, even cash! That is just the beginning. This bank is so horrible, stay away!!!!!!!!!! Never use this bank. Listen to the reviews, do not get a bank account here.

Anthony Joseph · more than 10 years ago

All TCFs suck, but this one in particular really sucks, I have to wait multiple days if I want to cash a check. They also have a lot of hidden fees I was never informed of, like a fee for every time I use a non-TCF atm on top of the already present ATM fees. They advertise this as your convenience bank, yet every time I've ever been in this location it's been a hassle that has taken longer than anticipated. They also charge over 30 dollars on top of interest for over draft fees VS. the 1 dollar belco or just about any other credit union charges for a over draft fee. On top of that the employees here tend to be rude and often ignore the next available client. I'm glad that after Friday, and my next direct deposit I will be closing my account, my girlfriend has already closed her's but not with out some hassle or some excuse as to why they can't.

Cice Kvall · almost 4 years ago

Put it this way seems since merged with Chemical bnk TCF turned from a down home bank into chemical waste bank. Return items are less then the fees they charge to not pay it. They won't pay it sopposedly amount to much for an OD. But yet their fees are way more then the debit. Then they make you feel like a penny waiting for change


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