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832 New Memphis Ct #100, Castle Rock, CO, 80108, United States
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112 reviews


"Great service from the people at this location."

"Store manager hanging out in back of the store not assisting customers."

"Sam the manager was very helpful in helping me set up my new phone."

kimberly mccarthy11 months ago

Katie K is the best!! We transferred from Verizon to T Mobile 8 months ago. We were promised a $600 rebate from T Mobile for changing all our phones over, but they didn鈥檛 follow through! Katie K was FABULOUS and spent a lot of time pushing the service center to take care of us as promised! Really appreciated her dedication to taking care of the customer! Phone service is great too!

Owner's response11 months ago

Thanks for taking the time to leave us a review! Our team works hard to provide you with awesome service. It's great to hear that Katie K was able to help you out! If you need anything else, please stop by.

Dezha Dimock1 year ago

Last week I switched to T-Mobile from another carrier and had help from Vince and Sam. There was an issue activating the line (not the fault of the employee) that became a three day ordeal. Instead of giving up on the problem and asking me to switch to a new phone number, they persisted spending at minimum 11 hours trying to solve the problem. Most people would have given up and offered changing my number as the only solution, but they were determined to let me keep my number. Vince stayed late one day to keep trying and even came in on his day off to finish helping me. The whole experience could have easily been entirely negative, but the exceptional level of customer care and service I received from Sam and especially Vince more than made up for any inconvenience.

Nicolas Kruse1 year ago

This was my second time having a poor experience here with the same person believe it or not. The first time I wasn't all too bent out of shape and had just chalked up the rep to having a bad day. Not going to give out a name but she is an older woman and a bit heavier set. My first experience she was just very unpleasant, didn't do any talking except complaining about how much of a pain it is that I'm on sprint and how much of a pain it is to work with sprint accounts. But, again, just chalked it up to a bad day and didn't think twice about it. But today... It was the same thing, if not worse. Now I will express all of my frustration with this woman. She makes it very clear she does not want to be there, she does not care one bit. I walked in and she took out one of her ear 2 ear buds to greet me and ask what I was in for. She then proceeded to answer a personal call, while attempting to assist me. Again, she makes it very known that it is the worst part of her day to not only be working but to also be working with someone who is on a Sprint account. When it came time to proceed with the checkout there was an issue and I was unable to put my phone under the 24 month contract. She was very frustrated at this and proceeded to get even more bland with her interaction and visibly upset. I remember this specific thing happening when I went to purchase a phone previously, so I had a solution and suggestion but I did not want to give her any of this commission. She had told me to buy it online or come back in a couple days. I asked if the other guy there would possibly have anyway to proceed further. She just said "No he has the same access as me." Where I was like alrighty, I will go farther out of my way to get this sorted. Because like I had said previously there was a solution out there but since she made it known that she had much more important things to do than try to figure this out. Once I had gone to another store this same problem came up but it was sorted by a dapper gent who had resolved this within 5 minutes. Really bummed they had closed the other stores in Castle Rock. But I will now intentionally avoid going to this store and would much rather make my way to Parker, just due to this woman being very unpleasant. As a final note, the other reps seemed very friendly and as if they had actually wanted to be there.

Owner's response1 year ago

We鈥檙e sorry to hear this Nicolas . We always want to take care of you promptly, but it sounds like we missed the mark this time. We hope you鈥檒l give us a chance to provide you with a better experience on your next visit.

Hannah Inglesalmost 10 months ago

Had a great experience with Katie and Vince. Both are knowledgeable and made the process fast and seamless. Super friendly salespeople, Thanks a lot Katie and Vince for your patience and help. Behrooz and Hannah

Sophia Fox1 year ago

Amazing service! Sam the manager was very helpful in helping me set up my new phone. This location & the one in Lone Tree have the best customer service I have dealt with in any T-mobile store. Thank you again!

Lois Amaralmore than 2 years ago

Great service from Westin - 5 stars for him. However, the store needs more staff. 3 customers were before me and 4 customers behind me on a Tuesday morning. 2 of them left after seeing the queue. There were only 2 staff. By the time I left, there were 5 other customers in line. Note: There was a small group of people there just for the T-Mobile Tuesdays' store freebies, but those customers were taken care of separately.

Owner's responsemore than 2 years ago

Thank you so much Lois, Thank you for being patient this morning! We appreciate you stopping by to see us!

Diamond Guy Jake1 year ago

This place is great. Greg helped me this time and the rest of the crew here is awesome. Manager was on site and place was busy. They have a very limited store hours and have been closed for gas leaks and all kinds of stuff so props to the crew for keeping it together and making sure everything rolls smooth. 馃憦

Owner's response1 year ago

Thanks for taking the time to leave us a review! Our team works hard to provide you with awesome service. It's great to hear that Greg was able to help you out!

Vidya Prakash1 year ago

It's 5:20 PM and their store sign says they are open till 6 PM but they are already closed. What a shame. The store manager either needs to change their timing and update their store hours sign and Google or keep it open until mentioned. In many cases we the customers drive to this store postponing our personal appointments to get our pending T-Mobile account changes only to get disappointed with these unreliable stores/employees. Update 1: Me and my wife clearly saw the employee (a guy in white long sleeves t-shirt) just roaming inside the store and on his tablet while we were outside trying to open the door which was found to be locked, so I don't think it was an emergency situation.

Owner's response1 year ago

We apologize for the inconvenience. The location did close at 5PM due to staffing. There are operational tasks that need to be completed before leaving the store. Can we set up an appointment to resolve your needs?

Josh Wehr1 year ago

Katie K. was amazing. She went over my options with upgrades and availability. She discovered I needed a new SIM card and my phone is working wonderfully. Thank you Katie K!

Owner's response1 year ago

Thanks for taking the time to leave us a review! Our team works hard to provide you with awesome service. It's great to hear that Katie was able to help you out!

Joe Dempsey10 months ago

Kay and Vince were great helpa whenever I stop in. Lost phone, transferring data. Everytimea


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