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226 reviews


"Great service and this location is usually quick to serve customers."

"He gave me the price plus activation and I received a receipt “paid in full”."

"The customer is just expected to sit and wait?"

Sarah Gilmore · 10 months ago

Jake was SO helpful getting my mom set up with a new phone. He was incredibly patient, answered her questions, and really went above and beyond…greatly appreciated! Thank you Jake!!

Owner's response · 10 months ago

Thanks for the positive feedback, Sarah! We strive to provide you with the best service possible, and it's great to hear Jake was able to help you with everything. You can always depend on us. Come back again soon if you need further assistance.

Keith Dunaway · more than 6 months ago

Terrible customer service from the "manager" CJ. Rude, wears a mask and is just difficult. If you are so terrified of catching something, find a new job. Overall, this store is pretty bad. They screwed up my bill, taking 4 calls to customer service to correct it. Don't waste your time with this store. In response: if you and your employees cared in any way about doing a great job, and earning trust, I wouldn't have had to write this review. I stand by my previous comments. Do not waste your time with this store.

Owner's response · more than 6 months ago

We're sorry you've had issues with your bill, Keith. Providing excellent service is our top priority and we want to make sure we make this process as easy as possible for you. We appreciate your feedback and will continue making strides in our customer service. We hope we can win back your trust and confidence on your next visit.

Joanne Reid · 10 months ago

After 1 and half hours on the phone with 4 experts my phone was worse than when I called They promised to call the next day and never did I stopped in at the store and Joel fixed it in minutes! He was so kind and great. Thank you Joel

Owner's response · 10 months ago

Thanks for the positive feedback, Joanne! We strive to provide you with the best service possible, and it's great to hear Joel took care of you. You can always depend on us. Come back again soon if you need further assistance.

Humphrey Vives · 3 years ago

After reading several reviews and seeing quite a few dissatisfied customers, I have to say that I did not experienced the same. Understanding that COVID has changed the way that businesses have to operate, I didn’t go to this store expecting immediate service, especially if there are other customers there as well. Upon pulling up, a service rep was outside tending to customers and fortunately, I was next and was warmly greeted by the young lady. I only needed a cover for my new iPad which she showed me a variety of, ringed me up, and I was on my way out within five minutes. First, COVID guidelines were followed, secondly, the customer service rep dealt with customers in line outside rapidly, and lastly, customer service was excellent. Sorry that previous customers didn’t get the same service as I did.

Owner's response · 3 years ago

Thanks for the positive feedback, Humphrey! Our goal is to provide you with the best service possible, especially during these trying times. We're glad to hear you had a great experience with us. We look forward to helping you out again.

Jo · 1 year ago

12/14 promo buy phone get buds, watch, & tablet for free. The store was out of stock for watches. Spent ALOT of time, twice, to order watch with sales associate over the phone to ensure it all got bundled together to qualify for promo. THAN saw 2 charges for the watch when I ONLY had one. Was told it would take 6-8 to relieve email for buds and for promo to kick in on statement. Gave it 11 weeks and STILL not showing on bill or email!! Talked to customer service for ALMOST 2 hours to find out that the first sales associate sold me a phone that wasn't even qualified for the promo!!! I wasn't given 2 options yesterday. She was able to take $199 of my bill for the earbuds. I could return the tablet OR go to the store and exchange my current phone for the correct one. I was so OVER all the inconvenience that I just wanted to return the tablet and pay $329 for watch. After sitting on it overnight, I changed my mind. After all, I came in ORIGINALLY for that deal. Went in the store and was told I had to contact CS. I did and was told that the manager would reach out. CS is now closed and haven't received a phone call. I have been a loyal customer!!! OVER A DECADE!! First time taking advantage of a PROMOTION to deal with ALL this BS!! Wanted to leave this as an email to AGAIN to discover there is NO EMAIL for verizon customer service!!! Why is this SO complicated?? Couldn't the discounts have been applied from the time of purchase instead of waiting "6-8"??? Use to talk highly of Verizon!! NOT after this experience!!! Too bad theres not a negative star because they don't even deserve one!!!

Owner's response · 1 year ago

Hi Lilgirlbguitar, we're sorry to hear about this issue. We should always clearly communicate the full terms of our promotions and deals so that we may avoid any misunderstandings. We will escalate your review and look into this right away. Please fill out this issue resolution contact form, and reference Review ID #1299208714. We value the years that you have been a member of the Verizon family, and we hope we can win back your trust and confidence in the future.

Margaret P · 1 year ago

Please beware when shopping at this store. I was ripped off recently on a new phone. I have been a customer for over 8 years. I purchased a new phone to an existing line, added a new line and upgraded to unlimited on 3 phones. I was told at the time I could purchase a 1/2 price mini, which I did. I told the salesperson I wanted to pay it off at that time. He gave me the price plus activation and I received a receipt “paid in full”. I was also told because of my loyalty I would receive a discount of $40 monthly on my account. Well my phones were not changed to unlimited and while on vacation I kept receiving overage texts. The loyalty is $25 and I am receiving monthly bills to pay off the other 1/2 of the phone for 36 months. I have spent hours on the phone with the manager, assistant manager (which both never called me back) and customer service. I have received minor credits, but they still tell me I have to pay off the full price of the phone. I have 5 devices and need a new phone on one of my lines, but I will not be shopping there and also might be looking for another provider if I can’t get full satisfaction. The salesperson is the front face of the company and they must be competent.

Owner's response · 1 year ago

We're sorry to hear about this miscommunication, Margaret. We always want to be completely transparent about the full terms and policies of our promotions so that we may avoid any confusion. We understand how difficult it has been for you to resolve your issue and we apologize for the inconvenience. We will be escalating your review so the appropriate team can look into this. Please fill out this issue resolution contact form, and reference Review ID #1254540939 so we can get in touch with you.

Jordan Richey · 1 year ago

Do not go to this store! Read the entire review DO NOT TRUST ANYTHING THIS STORE TELLS YOU! I can’t remember who exactly helped me and I really wish that I did. I was coming over from T-mobile and bringing over 3 lines. While also upgrading 2 Verizon lines. The first rep misinformed us of a promo that they had for a trade in. This ended up being about 200-300 less then we were told. Another rep takes over as the first one I guess is off now. Okay fine not a big deal we still got a good deal let’s move on. So we bring my wife’s Iphone over from T-mobile and are told we will get a $500 switch Visa card for her moving over. Not only that but also a $200 for me coming over and upgrading to a iPhone 14. The rep even told me not to worry about paying off my t-mobile account until those cards came and I could use those…… awesome $700 will almost pay off the T-Mobile so it makes since to switch over…. NOPE!!! 2 months later and the $500 and $200 cards finally get to my email….. but guess what they are VERIZON gift cards not visa gift cards! ONLY CAN BE USED at Verizon! This store manager is not teaching a team to be informed. 2 reps helped me and even the manager at one point but yet I was told misinformation by both reps! I expect this to be corrected and maybe I’ll think about changing my thought on this store but right now I highly recommend you go to the indirect location over across from target. I know they are trained well and won’t misinform you. I also know that if a GoWireless rep misinforms you the Verizon rep Aaron or whoever it is now would correct it for the customer. Dealing with corporate Verizon is a joke.

hannah freeman · 1 year ago

I came to this location to upgrade phones as my current phone is no longer working. I purchased an iPhone 14 Pro and was told that they didn't have any in store but would ship it to me in 2 days. They failed to explain that the phone is backordered and it actually would be nearly a month until it ships out. I'm now left waiting a month for a working phone and have NO WAY OF CONTACTING THIS STORE. Verizon makes it impossible to reach individual stores and has the most painful customer service experience.

Owner's response · 1 year ago

We're so sorry about this experience, Hannah. Our goal is to be a reliable resource for your wireless needs, and make every visit easy and seamless. We apologize for the miscommunication that sparked your review. We hope you'll give us a chance to make it right in the future. We are reviewing your feedback internally so that we can avoid these issues moving forward.

Taylor Marie · 6 months ago

Useless. Can't get anyone to help you do anything. You have to call a number to get any help whatsoever.

Owner's response · 6 months ago

We're sorry you did not have a good experience with our team, Taylor. Customer service is important to us, so we're disappointed we fell short. Our team should always be willing and able to assist you with your wireless needs. Your feedback is appreciated as we are always looking to improve. We hope you’ll give us a chance to turn things around on your next visit.

G D · 1 year ago

Verizon sent me to ubreakit to get my problem phone checked out. Came back with my test results, and they said, "The replacement phone is ordered. Should arrive at your home in a day or two". Easiest replacement ever.

Owner's response · 1 year ago

We appreciate the review, G D! We value your time and want to get you taken care of as quickly as possible. Glad to hear your visit went smoothly. Check us out again if you need anything else!



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