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7111 W Alameda Ave Unit R, Lakewood, CO, 80226, United States
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76 reviews


"Grear customer service they always help me fast and give me the best deals"

"They over charge for accessories, employees won't explain anything to customers."

"I normally don’t rate locations but the girls at this location were awesome!"

Sra. YD · 2 years ago

Tonight has just been my worst experience at this location by far. My son of 15 lost his phone a few days back I called in customer service, deactivated the phone and added to a black list. Received the replacement phone but the technician was not able to activate phone so they ask me to go to a retail store. I arrived at this store and the ladies greet me, and ask if there's anything they can do to help, I explain the situation to what the lady interrupted several times, so I ask if she could at least take a look at the phone, she replied o I see it looks good from here, I insisted if there was something she could do? She said no, unless you purchase a sim card from us we can't help you with anything, you will have to call them on the phone and figure that out on your own. I took the phone and said "I can't believe you can't do nothing" and she replied well I cant believe tossed your phone at me. I turn to look at her and said I have not toss the phone to you, you didn't even grabbed it, and the cameras will show if I had. I ask for her name and she replied of course here you go and I'm the manager here's my number too, I took the paper with the information and when I was walking away she said something laughing which I didn't understand. I turn back and ask waht did you say? Oh yeah that you snatched the paper from my hand. I replied again, no I did not snatched anything from you and the cameras are there for a reason, I hold my composure but I was getting very frustrated by her attitude. As I was walking away she continued to laugh at me. I have 4 lines connected to them and I have never been treated this way. If you don't know what customer service is then don't work at these type of jobs even worse don't be the manager. I'm thinking of canceling my accounts with them, I understand the need for employees right now but people like this don't attract new clients or keep the currents happy, rather push them away. I'm very disappointed and stressed out at this point and my son's phone is not even connected. 😔😑

Owner's response · 2 years ago

We're very sorry to hear you had a poor experience at our Authorized Retail location. We strive to provide an awesome customer experience, and we apologize that you didn't receive smile-worthy service. Contact Cricket Support on Facebook ( or Twitter (@cricketsupport) if you need additional assistance.

Lola Lola · more than 2 years ago

I normally don’t rate locations but the girls at this location were awesome! They helped me and my husband choose the right phone, gave us a great deal and helped us save $50 on our bill! Thank you Bianca and Alondra C for your patience, you girls were a great help!

Owner's response · 2 years ago

Thanks for visiting us! We appreciate the positive feedback & 5-star review! #SmileOn

Lupe Almanza · almost 3 years ago

I went in there for a new phone....just the phone...and the man there was insisting that I get a phone and a new line so the phone would be cheaper. He never told me how much the phone was by itself and at checkout he gave me the new phone line anyways...against my wishes. I returned the phone right away and he didn't take the phone line off my account. I paid for that line for 2 months before realizing it and I can't get a refund or credit. I will be switching phone companies.

Owner's response · almost 3 years ago

We're very sorry to hear you had a poor experience at our Authorized Retailer location. We strive to provide an awesome customer experience, and we apologize that you didn't receive smile-worthy service. Feel free to contact our Support Team on Twitter @cricketsupport or on Facebook at if you need additional assistance.

Michelle Rasmussen · almost 3 years ago

They were nice they told me what type of phone I have but they didn't have the phone case that I was looking for. But they told me where I could look for it on Amazon so I was able to find one there. They're always patient at cricket with me cuz I know nothing about phones really. And they take the time and explain what I need explained. I appreciate your customer service this cricket in belmar thank you for their kindness.

Owner's response · 2 years ago

Thanks for sharing your feedback! We're happy to hear our team provided a helpful customer experience. We appreciate the 5-star review! #SmileOn

tami doiel · 5 years ago

The worst experience I have ever had, I was intentionally lied to, and felt violated just as though I had been robbed, and then verbally abused after that. I specifically asked if they had coverage in a specified area because my grandsons were going to be going there to stay with their mother who had not seen or talked to them in over a year. They lied to me and said, "Yes." just to make the sale. When I tried to return the phones and stop the service and get my money back to go somewhere else for service the would come in there, I was told that they did not do refunds and they screwed me out of my $200. Knowing how important it was for my grandsons to be able to contact me in the situation they were going to be going into, shows that they do not care about anyone or anything except for getting their commission. I turned them into the BBB and they did not respond back to their request. If they try to say they have a good standing with the BBB they are liars.

Mr.Friggin Friendly · almost 7 years ago

Cricket sucks we all know this but this store takes the cake. Customer Service is lacking on so many levels and this is not me having a bad day. Save your money and go to a different carrier, it's AT&T service and know apparently they has adopted there customer service goals as well. FYI T-Mobile has a better plan for the same money and better phone choices. Signed former customer

Ted Hagler · almost 7 years ago

I've been here several times and the staff has proven to be helpful and courteous. I suspect the negative comments are from customers that went into the store already in an upset disposition. Anger begets anger. Treat them courteously and I'm sure they will return in kind.

JVs Pick · almost 6 years ago

BEWARE! This store has been taking advantage of customers! they ripped me off when i was in to do an upgrade. Selena is the manager and she refused to help me in anyway and said that's the way they do things?! Unbelievable! Cricket is great and will stick with them but they are doing a horrible job at representing the company!

Dustin Koetz · 7 years ago

Worst customer service! Bought a phone 3 weeks later it didn't work so I brought it into the store. They said it was a manufactures defect and it was under warranty. I told the young lady I would just buy a new phone since it was inexpensive. I kept the same number and got the same phone I previously had and they still charged me a $25 activation fee even though it was their pos phone that broke after 3 weeks.

James “Andy Cunningham” Segatajenn-ne · 4 years ago

truely last time i came the staff was awsome and the phone selection was better than any cricket store ... infact the girl told me get the same phone from walmart fa cheaper and saved me money , and activation .... shhhh im going back to pay extra lol

Owner's response · 4 years ago

Thanks for visiting us! We're happy to hear our staff provided an awesome customer experience. We appreciate the 5-star review! #SmileOn



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