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6075 Sky Pond Dr, Loveland, CO, 80538, United States
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1754 reviews


"Excellent flavors, fun tapas, great service and atmosphere."

"Terrible experience ordering an item for pickup at the Loveland location."

"New owners, family business, very personable and the food is delicious..."

Cathi Foster9 months ago

HORRIBLE!! What happened to Best Buy and their former amazingly focused customer service. There was ONE - Yes 1 - person there last night to help in the phone section. I called today to speak to customer service IN THE STORE! My call was routed to a person not even located in the store, and who couldn't give me a number to reach someone IN THE STORE! I was advised that the best way to reach someone was to drive back to the store. WHAT?! If I'm NOT IMPORTANT enough to Best Buy to be able to talk directly to a store employee/manager, then BEST BUY IS NOT EVER GOING TO BE MY CHOICE FOR ALL THINGS I HAVE PURCHASED OR INTEND TO PURCHASE.

A Smith9 months ago

Purchased a stove online that was supposed to be delivered on a Friday. Took half a day off, and in the last 20 minutes of the delivery window we finally got a hold of somebody and they told us the truck broke down. After three trips to the store where they said they could do nothing, we still had no idea where the stove was. Store manager informed us he could not refund us because the unit still showed in transit. 4 phone calls to the help line, and zero return calls. Finally had to dispute it with my cc company. A month later finally received a credit. That's not all!! Parents purchased a condo near by. Found that Best Buy had a washer and dryer in stock. So against my better judgement I went in and purchased for them. Sent my son over to pick up and he was told the Salesperson made a mistake and the models on the floor were not able to be sold, and that they could deliver in 2 days. Obviously was not going down that road again. They did at least give me the refund right away on these. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS ORGANIZATION. THEY DON'T GIVE A S@#$!!!!

Carissa Dixonmore than 8 months ago

They have the electronics I expected and some extra house appliances. The selection of TVs, laptops, and tablets is nice. A small phone and camera section. The store was well kept and organized, the staff were ready to help with any questions.

Jinx Octaviamore than 8 months ago

Terrible experience. Employees are inattentive. I wandered around for 10-15 min waiting for help, because I truly couldn't find what I was looking for. 2 "Blue Shirts" doing nothing, passed me by. Another employee in the electronics section was setting up a display, then helped 2 people and me for dead.

Dick Reznikalmost 10 months ago

My wife and I purchased two Apple Air Tags and Bobby, the manager on duty showed us the various options and then proceeded to demonstrate how to set up the tags. Very professional, competent and patient with two seniors. He is a Best Buy ROCK STAR!

Rachel Fancheralmost 10 months ago

Best buy use to have experts or people on the floor helping. Came to pick up an item I ordered and I was going to check out tvs and fridges. I roamed through every department and no worker was to be found besides at pick up, the door or at a register. There was value here and trust because people could walk me through things I had questions about. Guess I'll just order online where I can find the best price then.

Jamie Kelleymore than 8 months ago

Best Buy is a fantastic store!! I buy all my electronics etc. There!! I won't buy electronics anywhere else!! Knowledgeable employees and great service! Geek Squad is also fantastic!! Great service and friendly atmosphere!!

Michael Wangler1 year ago

So this was a more personal experience so I will say it hold slightly less weight for anyone else, however my last experience at this particular store was a fantastic one. I was shopping for a new laptop and came across one that was perfect, but was unfortunately out of stock. I asked a employee if he could check if they would get anymore in stock, and instead of having to with, he assisted with getting the display device wiped and check so I could purchase it at a reduced price. Rest assured this was a very pleasant experience for me and I will now favor going to this best buy. Well done

Erin Dellaportaalmost 10 months ago

I stopped in a few days ago to buy a laptop; I am not very knowledgeable about what's on the market and didn't know where to start. The first employee to approach me was not very helpful and clearly didn't know what he was talking about. The second person to approach me was Aiden, and he was extremely helpful and patient with answering my questions! I was very impressed with his knowledge and he was able to help me narrow down my choices and guide me to the best product for my needs. I went into the store just to shop around and ask questions but ended up making a purchase because of the level of service I received. A+ salesman - someone needs to give Aiden some recognition!!

Corinna P. Kromermore than 8 months ago

After 3 calls and 25 minutes of the system bouncing me around or not understanding what I needed, and still not being able to talk to a real-life human being I am sorry to say, I will be taking my business elsewhere. I just had a simple question, and it was impossible to reach anyone and get an answer, due to their super automated system. AI is not always better. 馃



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