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"Install on dishwasher went great— definitely worth the price for that service."

"Helpful staff, decent selection of products and competitive prices"

"First delivery the refrigerator was so damaged it couldn’t be delivered."

Linda Schutjer · 10 months ago

They sold me a used toilet! Had a friend pick up a toilet I ordered from Lowes. I paid the full asking price -- not a discount/open box purchase. When he got it to my house, I paid $30 to get it upstairs since I can't do it. The box was not in great shape and it was clearly a return. That's fine. However, once I got the parts out it was clear that someone had installed this and then decided to return it. No instructions. Parts just dumped in the box with garbage that they had thrown in there. It was dirty. The wax seal was still partially on which I never even considered so wax ended up all over my floor. I had to remove that and clean the bottom of the toilet before I could install it. It was just filthy. I would have returned it but I didn't want to have to pay to get it back downstairs and in the car so I just installed it. I know how to do that without instructions but they would have been nice to have. I am not sure the tank actually goes with the base. It looks super small. It works but not robust. I called the store and got an apology but I'm still mad about this. I'll be taking my business to Home Depot.

Owner's response · almost 10 months ago

Hi Linda, we're so sorry to hear about the issues you're having with your return. We'd like to look into this for you and get in touch. Would you please contact us at 1-800-445-6937 (8:30am - 7pm ET, 7 days a week)? Thank you.

Peggy Caughlan · 9 months ago

They have a nice store, but not enough help. You usually see a Home Depot employee as part of your shopping adventure at their store in Ft Collins. I rarely see a Lowes employee wondering their aisles. I have started the process of buying blinds there and will complete my purchase, but I wouldn't go back.

Owner's response · 9 months ago

We're so sorry for the inconvenience, Peggy. We always want our customers to have a seamless shopping experience. Thank you for bringing this to our attention and we'll be sure to share this with our Fort Collins team. We hope you visit us again soon.

Randy Spence · almost 10 months ago

Giant F-. No customer service and the worst online experience I have ever had! Nice bait and switch con with your store card 20% discount that turns into 5%. F-ing sleazy and unethical but, I bet somehow legal. Guess it's nothing but Home Depot from here on. They have better selection anyway. You guys really SUCK! I won't be back!

Rick Kenson · 11 months ago

Purchased hardwood floor. Audrey was fantastic but the rest of Lowe's is incompetent and/or shady. First, some materials were backordered. This is understandable, but they didn't say anything about that at the time of purchase because they didn't want to lose the sale. Second, I was supposed to get a 10% rebate on materials. The material I purchased was clearly defined as being part of the promotion (the salesperson and I both verified this), yet they denied the rebate for the reason that I did not purchase qualifying product (blatant lie). It is now over 8 weeks and my floor is just now being installed. That's 6 weeks past the time I was told to expect. Then they sent an email offering a tool set in exchange for feedback. Turns out this is just spam condoned by Lowe's. They want $7 shipping for the "free" set, will only accept Visa/MC for that, and it comes with strings attached - need an app and you agree to "subscribe".

Owner's response · 11 months ago

We're so sorry to hear about the inconvenience and miscommunication about your purchase, Rick. We will do our best to ensure this never happens again. We'd like to get in touch and learn more about the situation. Please reach out to us at 1-800-445-6937 (8:30am - 7pm ET, 7 days a week). Thank you.

Rich Murphy · 3 years ago

I prefer Lowe’s over HomeDepot, but mostly because they made the military discount so easy to use and it works online. They also have veteran parking (thanks) However, in my experience with online orders, it takes less time to just go in and get it yourself more times than not. They did re-organize their costumer service area recently and it seems to have gotten better, we shall see. Like a big box store they have all the major things you need, occasionally not. Your may get a very well informed clerk one day, and a “not so much” the next, but they try. They are pretty weak about their mask policy, but Home Depot was no better either, bring your germ-X. I will continue to shop here, it’s the best option for what’s available.

Kevin Moen · 1 year ago

Worst customer service service. Reason? I was checking out with all the fittings and couplings needed to remake my outdoor water spigot. All was going well until a 3\4in male-male coupling didn't have a price tag. I went to the 2 young women working self checkout. Asked them to find the price. When I told them what it is one of the girls said they couldn't look it up unless I have the exact name. I asked them what are they going to do and She said I have to walk back to the corner of the store to get the price myself. I would have understood if there was just one of them, but the two of them were just standing there with no one else checking out. Doing nothing. I already knew Lowes was the least helpful store, but apparently lazy too. I will gladly drive 2 more miles to make it to home Depot.

Owner's response · 1 year ago

Hello Kevin, we're so sorry to hear about this experience. Customer service is our priority, and this is not what you should expect from our team. We're sharing your feedback with our Fort Collins store right away. We hope you give us another chance in the future.

Ashlee Sperry · 1 year ago

Went in for a new toilet & was helped immediately by an employee. Very friendly & helpful. Also checked out some new tile to update the backsplash in our kitchen.

Jerilyn Hejmanowski · 1 year ago

Went in ready to buy carpeting, just needed to pick the color and style but had a few questions as I am not a carpet expert and didn't know exactly what would work best for my situation. Korey in carpeting was angry and irritated to answer questions and openly hostile and rude about a request for assistance. I appreciate that everyone is overworked and underpaid right now but this attitude was egregious and doesn't benefit anybody. If helping customers offends you I suggest you get out of a customer facing role. Upon arrival in a competitors carpet department I was immediately greeted, offered assistance and the carpet and installation order were placed 15 minutes later.

Owner's response · 1 year ago

Hi Jerilyn, we're so sorry to hear this was your experience with us. You should always expect excellent customer service from everyone at Lowe's. We appreciate your feedback and hope you give us another chance in the future.

Jared Powell · 1 year ago

I'm done with this place. First off, they throw an additional fee for their complex (snow removal, etc...other shopping centers don't do this). Second, they have a lot of rude workers. Last time I was here, this lady in electrical was condescending, and she happened to be totally wrong what she was preaching to me. This time, I went to get some Romex out of a locked cabinet. I asked a worker on the aisle over and he tried calling help. After waiting a long time, I went over again to the guy who was talking with 3 other workers. I asked if any of them could help. Same guy said he has the code and was irritated to help (why didn't he just do it in the first place?). He said in an annoyed voice "you realize I have to take you to the register, right"? Rarely do I lay into workers, but I had it. Yeah, isn't that your job? Did I ruin story time with your co-workers? Another time trying to return something 93 days after buying something, I couldn't (90.days is limit) and the asst manager was rude when I asked for an exception, since I've literally have spent tens of thousands of $ here. I'd give one star if not for a few really nice workers and some of the great clearance deals they occasionally have.

Javier Victor Mariano Bruno (Derp) · 10 months ago

Its a Lowes. Sadly like most of them. Most ppl working here has no idea what they are doing. I guess once they learn something they go to work in another place? Not sure. I went there to get a high ladder. Price online was different (cheaper) than the one on label, and then when I scanned it was even more expensive. I had to call an employee, I showed the online price, argue with me that the price online could be cheaper sometimes... and then they send someone to check the label just to confirm that it was cheaper on the label on the shelve. I understand is an overconnected world and prices changes quick, all the time, and sometimes the prices on label could be different from the online one. But the process of doing a price match, and I dont mean with another competidor, but with YOUR OWN webpage, should be easier than spend 30 minutes back and forth with employees> I ended up getting the price that was on label, but not the online on their OWN webpage, for the very same item number. If I had more time to waste I could just buy it online, and select pickup on store and wait for the order to be ready.... :/

Owner's response · 10 months ago

Hi Javier, we are so sorry for the inconvenience. Customer service is important to us, and we want to make sure our online information is updated and clear to guarantee a seamless shopping experience. We are always improving and hope you give us another chance in the future.



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