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1535 S Kipling Pkwy Unit J, Lakewood, CO, 80232, United States
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416 reviews


"Fair prices, staff that knows their stuff, place has it all."

"Helpful staff, clean space, and amazing prices on a huge variety of games."

"Damian treated me very well, and patiently sorted/priced my cards."

Goofy and Green · almost 1 year ago

One of the employees creased a mint $25 Pokémon card then told me it was worthless and offered $12 for $34 worth of cards edit: just because only the value able cards were in sleeves doesn’t mean none of the cards were, and alongside that, I’ve already gotten a buyer for over double the price for just two of the cards. Maybe the degenerate that runs the account responsible for responding to reviews should be fired, not to mention the claims that the business is “woman owned” despite the company being owned by a man named Jon.

Owner's response · almost 1 year ago

Hey Goofball. Your shoebox of unsleeved cards were not taken care of and your collection was just wack. We didn’t crease the one good card you had. Your improper handling is what did that. Good luck selling that stuff anywhere. Don’t come back. Edit: A business can be owned by more than one person dingus. Also, I can tell that card is damaged by the borders and that crease was already there. Take better care of your stuff and don’t be a crybaby on the internet. - Jon Vice President of Level 7 Games

Play Casket YT · 7 months ago

After visiting the big store up north, this store feels empty. But it is not without its charm, being so far south gives it an advantage of having several games that are often in high demand. So it does have its benefits for being a smaller brother store. They also have a small set of community tables to let people still have their tournaments and competitions, though they are not isolated to another room. The only real struggle I have had is getting anything Gamecube here.

Aaron Wood · more than 7 months ago

Excellent customer service and knowledgeable staff. I appreciate a team that is willing to help make video games a great experience whether you are a new gamer or an old pro. Staff was super friendly with answering my kids’ questions, as well as helping my wife understand the options available in purchasing retro systems. Massive selection as well. I was impressed by the quality of pre owned, and especially retro inventory available. Now, you just need more locations in the south metro!

Matheson Rowley · 11 months ago

I absolutely love this place. I followed them from their previous location because they always have super friendly employees and great selection. Today I did a small trade in and a purchase, and the man who helped me was awesome I wish I caught his name. There was a big scratch on one of the games I wanted to sell and they have it back to me. They were very kind about it and explained they didn't take scratched games because it causes everyone issues. The staff always ask me if I have any questions while I'm browsing and always ask me how I am when I come in. The store has an awesome selection of retro and new games. Occasionally they have sealed copies of older games.

Aaron Frager · almost 9 months ago

So I picked up a copy of Pkmn Y last week and unfortunately it wouldn’t started up. I reached out to the team and they got back to me with a quick response and sent me a replacement within a few days. This is a perfect example of great customer service and I truly appreciate the care. Thank you Jon and team for the attention, I am looking forward to my next visit in a few months. All the best, Aaron 🤙🏾

Mason Good-Turney · almost 10 months ago

This is a great shop that has just about everything you need. From toys to games to now LEGO. What more could you ask for. Staff is very nice and helpful. They just switched their rewards to points based instead of a punch card. Not sure how I feel about it but we will see. Overall great place.

lyssa shear · almost 8 months ago

This place is ridiculous I’ve been in multiple times and have issues every time. They are rude and a rip off. When we went in to sell some games they told us they didn’t have cash and that none of our games are “worth” anything. To then come out and say they’d buy some of the games with cash. We took the remaining games elsewhere and discovered one was worth almost $30 alone so their loss I guess. Every time I’m in they can’t answer questions or act like I’m not worth their time. After reading these reviews I understand why everyone asks the way they do. The owner is clearly childish and rude especially telling customers to shop elsewhere- that’s how businesses fall under.

Holly Barnes · more than 9 months ago

I go here almost weekly and they know me by face and some even by name. The vibes are unmatched and the employees are amazing. Thanks Ryan for throwing a yoga ball at me yesterday (7/1/23)

Ellie E · 1 year ago

I want everyone to know I'm writing this review after 3 bad experiences here in a row. I like to shop local and support small business owners, but these people have lost my business for good. The staff here are not knowledge about the products they sell, and give wishy-washy non-answers instead of just saying "I don't know." I tried to get a price check on individual cards, and they told me to wait while they checked out another customer who came up after me. Then the guy just ignored me and started sorting cards with his back turned to me until I asked again. He did not apologize and seemingly rolled his eyes at me for bothering him. Every time I've been in here they are rude to me, especially the guy with blonde hair. My dudes if you don't want to be there just go work at the taco bell nearby. Nobody is forcing you to work here. Lastly there is very little variety and they never seem to get new inventory. I've seen the same stuff every visit for 2 months. At this point, I'm just going to give my money to Bezos because I can't stand the idea of supporting people who were so rude to me several times in a row.

king of the starfish · 1 year ago

The best game store in Colorado. Lots of retro games, new games. Plenty of cards to buy. The staff is very friendly and fun to talk to. Love level 7, I suggest it to anyone who loves games and plays trading card games


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