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Bank of America (with Drive-thru ATM)

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1112 Cpl Max Donahue Ln, Highlands Ranch, CO, 80129, United States
Closed · Opens at 9 AM
9 AM - 4 PM
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53 reviews


"I went into create a checking account and the service was excellent."

"The people on location were really friendly and helpful, over the phone?"

"Bank of America has Had my money for weeks and he had no clue."

Kenna G · 1 year ago

DO. NOT. BANK. HERE. i have had around 10-15 fraud charges with this bank in the few MONTHS i've had this new card, after another fraud issue. i have contacted them multiple times, they told me they handled it, and then another fraud charge appears. the security within bank of america needs to change, the employees need to actually care about their customers, and then maybe they'd have repeat customers. I will never recommend BOA to a single person.

Owner's response · almost 1 year ago

We are sorry that we did not meet your expectations. Your feedback is very important to us and we would like the opportunity to speak with you. Please connect with our Social Media Client Care team on Twitter at or Facebook ^yumaris

Michael Bartlett · more than 1 year ago

I notmally don't write reviews but the bank manager here came out of her office and helped my little boy roll pennies to open his first bank account. That was unexpected and pretty cool.

Owner's response · more than 1 year ago

Thank you for choosing Bank of America for your financial needs. We’re glad to hear the process went smoothly. Thanks for taking the time to let us know. ^kiara

Andrew Zuppa · more than 1 year ago

Clueless waste of time. This strip mall location is barely an ATM. They are always “down” in one technical manner or another. Just having a working teller station seems too challenging to overcome.

Jim Remley · more than 2 years ago

1st bank is closing neighborhood branch and I tried to contact Bank of America in Highlnads Ranch to ask questions and very probably become their new customer. No one answered the phone on three tries on a Thursday afternoon. The recorded answer is long and did not touch on any thing I wanted to know - very bad experience - we are not their new customer. Someone named NIcole answered my review under the title "Owner" Suggested that I continue with a contact through Facebook or Twitter - assumption that I use facebook and twitter - I do not. Another words - they are not interested in my business. Should have told me when and how to call, make person to person contact A bank in their neighborhood is closing, one would think they would be aggressive in getting that business??? Maybe BofA doesn't need new customers, Nicole sure doesn't

Owner's response · more than 2 years ago

Hello Jim. Thanks for sharing feedback about your recent experience with the Highlands Ranch financial center. We’ll certainly be sharing your feedback with our leadership team. Please connect with our Social Media Client Care team on Twitter at or Facebook ^nicole

Young IVM · more than 5 years ago

I had signed up for a Bank of America checking account while I was attending college in California. Off the bat i didn't like the fees and it felt like a "big bank" with it's line of 20 tellers that didn't really care or know your name (let alone take the time to get to know you). I decided to terminate my accounts very quickly and thought nothing of it. Over time I heard they became a lot better and acted more like a local community back. So when they opened up a branch in Highlands Ranch I decided to give them another chance. I can't say how happy I have been because of that decision. Everyone has been great and let me explain why: -Jennifer Espinoza signed me up in their early days and ensured me that things would be great and that I was in the hands of people that cared. She was great and remembered my name every time I came to the branch and would catch up on our prior conversations. Sadly she was the temporary manager as she was helping to open up other branches in the area. Eventually she passed the reigns on to Shawn. -I have dyslexia and the team at my local branch has been great with helping me to ensure all my slips are filled out correctly. They don't even seem annoyed at all which is hard to find - they are just happy to help. -Shawn has been a keystone in the branch and always provides great customer service. He has an upbeat dispossession and seems well respected by his colleagues. There have been many times where he was able to anticipate my needs and was happy to provide a solution. I am happy to report as one of the original members of the branch that Jennifer was correct and that I was in good hands. Shawn didn't skip a beat. Finally I had the small town community bank feel that I was looking for. -The tellers are awesome too. They also remember me when I come in and will often continue with a prior conversation we were having. They do genuinely seem to care about the people they are helping. Thank you guys, see you in a few.

Subhash Gangar · 6 years ago

I am new to BofA and my experience was really positive at this location. I cancelled my appointment, and when did walk- in, I was greeted by the manager - Shawn, who ensured to keep my wait time to minimal. Alex Perry helped us and he was very friendly, even with my annoying kid :-) I felt lucky that Alex had a complete understanding of my 4-5 special requests and he guided us through the process like no one ever could in past! He explained all the services and what I liked the best in their work flow was their check deposit system where you can deposit the check by yourself and they have remote tellers available till 10PM to help via audio-video chat; thats perfect for working people who cant make it to bank between normal business hours! I highly recommend their services!

Addison Folcher · almost 5 years ago

Really confused how this branch has anything less than 5 stars. Was looking to open an account with a new bank after recently moving to Colorado - I had previously banked with a regional bank back East. I was hesitant to go with a large, national bank, but since I’ve had to go through the process of switching regionals, I figured working with a bank that had offices/ATMs everywhere made sense. Had a great experience with all of the staff who were helpful and were always welcoming. I set up a few different accounts (checking, savings, etc.) with Diana and had a phenomenal experience. She was incredibly helpful and made personalized recommendations that fit perfectly with what I was looking for. Julia, the manager, was also really nice and made an effort to personally introduce herself during the account setup process. Haven’t had that at a bank before - class act. Again, super confused at these 1 star, 2 star, etc. ratings. I’ve been in a few times and it’s been a 5 star experience each time.

Blain Eno · more than 4 years ago

Terrible customer service, the young lady behind the counter was kind but it's the set up of the whole please. First they took away teller assist ATMs and there are zero drive-up options so if you are disabled, like myself or bad weather or your child just fell asleep in the car you MUST go into the bank to do any transactions. They are forcing you to do online and app banking but when you need help with a simple cash deposit you are forced to stand in line with employees walking around doing nothing. They have a greeter but only one teller both times I was there. Get rid of the greeter (which is a joke, they tell to wait for someone in the office or point to the line behind them. This is not about the people it's about how the place is managed.

Pearson Wallace · more than 2 years ago

ABSOLUTE SCAM. They “updated my service agreement” without me knowing and the monthly autopay bill cycle on my credit card went from pay in full to pay the minimum and I got charged hella interest for no reason. Canceling my card immediately 100% scam.

Owner's response · more than 2 years ago

Thanks for sharing this feedback about your experience. Bank of America would like the opportunity to help with your concern. We would like to connect with you one-on-one to learn more. Please reach out to our Social Media Client Care team on Twitter at or Facebook

Christopher Kent · almost 6 years ago

I wish there was a way to post this with negative stars. Shawn is the worst manager I have ever dealt with ever, anywhere...not just at a bank. I mean he is the worst manager of any business I have ever had to deal with. I have no idea how this guy still has a job!!! Worst experience with any Bank of America branch I have ever had!!! I deposited a $20,000 and a $850 check at this branch. Its been 9 weeks and still dont have any money in my account. It took the manager 8 weeks to find out that the check never cleared the other bank because they never followed up with them. No one from the bank ever contacted me. I had to call them 3-4 times a week to get any response at all. The only response I ever had was, "we dont know where your money/check is and there is nothing we can do to help you". I had to call Bank of America customer service 6 times to get any kind of help with this matter. It cost me over $80 in fees to deposit this check at this branch 9 weeks ago and I will be expecting those fees to be refunded to me...although that will probably take another 9weeks!!!! UPDATE week 11: Manager Shawn Stoke has never called me with any update on the lost $20,000 check. I called him today and informed him that I did my own homework and found out the check cleared at the bank where it was to be withdrawn from, weeks ago. Bank of America has Had my money for weeks and he had no clue. He then proceeded to tell me I had no idea what I am talking about and both checks had never cleared. What he didn't know is the $850 check did clear and I had the reference# and my personal account records to prove it. He refused to look up the reference number or look into my account info, and demanded I fax him all my info to him. He then told me it was my responsibility to fly 3000 miles to the other bank and resolve this matter on there end OR send my 80 year old father on a 300 mile drive to go resolve it. I told him I would not be flying 3000 miles or sending my father to go do his job. I told Him that his collections team is responsible to resolve this matter not my 80 year old father. He than told me that it was not His responsibility to contact the bank or find my check. HOW DOES THIS GUY STILL HAVE A JOB AT THIS BANK!!????? (Oh yeah, still dont have that $20,00 in my account)


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